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Acrefield Solutions have been working within the water industry for over 15 years developing and installing various geomembrane lining systems and gas barriers throughout the UK and mainland Europe.

Our experience, in depth knowledge and innovation enables us to provide the highest quality of service and installation whatever your project and wherever your project is located.

We provide a full range of geomembrane (HDPE, LLDPE and Polypropylene), geotextiles and gas barriers.

We operate an ISO quality management system; provide full project management, monitoring, inspection and testing in compliance with regulations. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians are directly employed and fully qualified (TWI & CSCS qualified). We use the latest specialist welding equipment to complete projects to schedule and on budget.

5 keys areas which Acrefield Solutions can provide supply and installation solutions:

  • Lake Construction: Excavating and lining ponds and lakes of all shapes and sizes from a few hundred square metres up to hectares.
  • Attenuation Tanks: Supply and install or supply only floor water storage systems.
  • Native Aquatic Nursery: Our wetland plants nursery can supply bioengineering systems for erosion control, habitat creation or simply biodiversity in lakes, rivers, canals and natural swimming ponds.
  • Erosion Control and Habitat Creation: A range of environmentally friendly materials for surface protection or bank stability
  • Gas Barriers: Installation of gas membrane where dangerous gases are present in poor ventilated areas.
  • Lift Pit Liners: A total impervious barrier where water tables, standing water and water creating hydrostatic pressure areas are evident.

Our dedicated manufacturing facility enables us to prefabricate products not only to a high level of prefabrication but also minimal inconvenience allowing a more efficient use of time on site and meet tight deadlines.

If you require further technical information for projects under consideration or have any queries on the above products please contact our technical team on 0800 5878309

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