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Project objective

The creation of a Pre-Formed Lift Pit Liner


Construction Sector Client

Project description

Due to high/variable water tables, a lift pit liner was needed for our client. The lift pit liners are constructed from 1mm propylene/ethylene co-polymer geomembrane, they’re produced from a resin design which provides a quality geomembrane. The liners have great flexibility, elasticity and are resistant to punctures. These properties assure maximum multi-axial elongation to accommodate different settlements. Heat welding produces a homogenous membrane being totally impervious to water ingress.

This product is adaptable to high/variable waters tables, standing water and water creating hydro static pressure areas.

We start to manufacture the specific lift pit liner once the contractor has signed off the length, width and height measurements needed. 

We can also install on-site if required.


The lift pits were heat welded together with a 50mm overlap joint running vertical in each corner, fusing the two membranes creating a homogeneous material joint.

The corners were reinforced with an additional layer of membrane.

A return flange of 150mm wide or greater, dependent on the client’s request is then joined to the DPM by the contractor.

The Acrefield Solutions Lift Pit Liner is a one piece, cost effective solution for the waterproofing of brick/block built lift pits.

Typical detail