Coir fibre is ideal for erosion control and vegetation establishment - it's a totally sustainable solution.

Pre-vegetated options

Coir rolls and pallets are grown in our Wetland Nursery until they are pre-established with roots grown through the coir. We keep in stock varied mixes of common species as well as mono-culture coir rolls and pallets. In addition we can grow to order to create any mix of native wetland plants. If lead-times permit (12-16 weeks during the growing season), local provenance plants or seeds can be collected and contract grown. Coir rolls and pallets offer good tolerance to fluctuating water levels, flow induced shear stress and grazing by wild fowl, when protected by our weld mesh bird deterrents.

Pre-planted specification

Coir rolls/pallets are supplied with plants fully established - roots through to the bottom of the roll/pallet. Water-Lines ensure both adequate root ball size (50mmx50mm) as well plant spacing (6 plants per m in rolls and 16 plants per m² in pallets).


0.3m diameter by 3m long

1m x 1m

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Coir Rolls project photos

Coir Pallets project photos

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