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Project Objective

To create a rainwater disposal system under extremely wet conditions.

Project Description:

To prepare an attenuation system for this house builder’s large 600 luxury home development. The excavated hole on this site was to be lined and welded in-situ. Onto this lining 13,000 PolyStorm modules were stacked. The resulting 3000m³ structure was then wrapped and sealed by geomembrane with a geotextile protector and the entire unit connected into the existing storm water drainage system before being back-filled. Note that the PolyStorm modules have a good loading capability.

Products involved

Flexline 1.2 FPA geomembrane lining, with 300g/m² needle-punched geotextile wrap, around the PolyStorm modules.


Installation with minimal disruption to the developer’s build schedule.


Rapid response; high quality welding in extreme conditions.

Project Summary

Products Used

  • Geomembranes
  • Geotextiles
  • Attenuation Units

Project Features

  • Lakes
  • Attenuation

Project Nature

  • Large
  • Rapid response, Completed in 2004.