Sytech Gas Membrane

The Installation of Gas Membranes to buildings is a highly skilled specialised activity and is becoming more of a requirement in the construction industry of today due to the release of greater amounts of brownfield land.

Dangerous ground gases such as radon, methane and carbon dioxide can infiltrate buildings and build up in areas of poor ventilation and create dangerous environments for inhabitants of the buildings which can be harmful to health e.g. Methane is explosive and an asphyxiating gas. 

Planning departments and other controlling bodies have become aware of the importance of correct installation of protection measures on construction projects and have subsequently made the installation of gas membranes, by a  competent contractor, a condition of planning. Local authority Contaminated Land Officers are insisting that the appropriate measures and evidence are in place to demonstrate and prove that an appropriate gas membrane has been installed and that this complies with the latest guidelines.

The specified gas membrane is installed prior to the laying of floor slabs or concrete screeds and provides a continuous high-integrity barrier to prevent Methane,Carbon Dioxide and other gas ingress. 

Gas Barriers
  1. GPS Cavity Tray
  3. GPS Ground Gas Barrier to specification **
  4. GPS Lap Tape
  5. GPS Gas Tape or welded seam
  6. GPS gas Tape

**NHBC Amber 1 - GPS Universal Gas Barrier – independently tested for radon, carbon dioxide and methane.

NHBC Amber 2 - GPS Total Gas Barrier – tested to ISO15105:01 to meet BS8485:2015 BS8485:2015 rules apply for Amber 2 therefore independent validation required to score 2 points required.

Gas Barriers

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