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Sea Bird Centre, North Berwick.

Project Objective

Water-proofing an underground tunnel.

Project Description

The Centre overlooks one of the North Sea’s most important and picturesque Gannet breeding colonies, the Bass Rock in the Firth of the Forth, which is home to over 20,000 breeding pairs of Gannets every summer.

To carry visitors from the Centre’s entrance to a viewing area overlooking the Rock, but without disturbing the breeding birds, a 25m long tunnel was excavated out of the granite bedrock. This large diameter sectional tunnel was constructed using corrugated steel. Working to a tight profile between the rock and steel a geomembrane was placed around the tunnel and sealed, then lined for added protection and affixed to its surroundings for added stability.

Products involved

Tuffline 600, sealed with a special epoxy resin and Tufftex500; a 500 g/m² geotextile protector.


A technical first – a mix of geo-substrates was employed to line the steel tunnel sections and safely seal them to a mixture of concrete and the rough rock face.


A highly cost-effective solution

Project Summary

Products Used

  • Geomembranes
  • Geotextiles

Project Features

  • Waterproofing

Project Nature

  • Turnkey
  • Small
  • Problem solution, Completed in 2004.

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