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Nicospan can contend with water velocities of up to 2.5m/s or wind-generated waves up to 100mm high.

Nicospan consists of two layers of woven UV-stabilised monofilament geotextiles, heat-bonded at regular intervals to create a series of vertical open-ended pockets to create a vertical wall. Timber posts or scaffold tubes are slotted through these pockets, if necessary under tension to create a vertical wall. Backfill material to the required profile can be placed behind this barrier to stabilise eroded banks.

Note that this fabric permits grass to grow through it. It can also be used in conjunction with TRM’s. The length and spacing of stakes will depend on the prevailing soil conditions.


The 100m long rolls are available in two standard widths – 0.5m and 1m. Also 1.5 and 2m widths are available to order for large projects.