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Faggots provide a flexible solution to many scour problems, particularly below water level where bioengineering techniques will not function.

Brushwood Faggot bundles are used for river banks, lake and pond restoration and stabalisation. They can aid in the prevension of tidal river bank erosion and offer support in the development of costal defence works. Faggots and brushwood bundles are mad from the brushwood collected from trees, these can be dead or live and can be from hazel, bird cherry, birch, oak, beech, alder, and sweet chestnut trees. There are no real differences between most of these species with the exception of live willow, which grows in water and forms a stronger solution over time. Each species performs the same function when they are submerged in water, lasting up to 10 years in anaerobic conditions. Many of our bioengineering projects incorporate bushwood materials for both intertidal and freshwater use.

Faggots can be used in conjunction with coir rolls to provide support in deeper water conditions. Faggots used with coir rolls or coir pallets can also provide good sustainable organic habitat that can support vertebrate and even native crayfish populations in a lake or river.


  • 0.3m diameter by 2m long; 5kg per linear metre dry weight.

Where can Faggots be used:

  • Lake edging
  • Stream erosion and development
  • River erosion and development
  • Island construction and support
  • Pond bank erosion
  • Reservoir stabalisation and support
  • Drainage ditch support and development
  • Canals ecosystem development and support

We can offer supply, delivery and install of brushwood faggots, coir rolls, coir pallets and plug plants to domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom.

For more information and advice about any of our brushwood faggots or coir products, bank erosion problems, lake construction and river management please email info@acrefieldsolutions.co.uk or call 0800 5878309.