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Lift Pit Liners

A Lift Pit Liner is constructed using 1-1.5mm polypropylene geomembrane (see downloads for datasheets), and can be welded on site or supplied prewelded to specified dimensions.

Polypropylene provides excellent flexibility, resistance to puncture, a lower co-efficient thermal expansion and being welded make it totally impervious to water ingress. The product lends itself to applications where high/variable water tables, standing water and water creating hydrostatic pressure areas are evident.

Construction of Lift Pit Liner

The manufacturing of the Lift Pit Liner commences when the length, width and height measurements have been obtained and signed off by the contractor installing the product.

The lift pit liner is heat welded together with a 50mm overlap joint running vertical in each corner, fusing the two membranes creating a homogenous material joint.

Around the topside of the lift pit liner a return flange of 150mm wide or greater, dependant on request, is then joined to the DPM by contractor. The type of sealant/DPM jointing material required will depend upon the type of DPM and the contractor should seek technical advice from Acrefield Solutions regarding this issue.

For more information about our lift pit liners, please email info@wls-group.co.uk or call 0800 5878309