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Coir rolls and pallets are an excellent means of establishing marginal vegetation around natural lake edges, artificially-lined lakes and on stream, river and canal banks.

The coir rolls and pallets both offer great tolerance to fluctuating water levels, flow induced shear stress and grazing by wildfowl, when protected by our weld mesh bird deterrents. These coir products constitute cost-effective organic alternatives to hard revetments.

Pre-established options

At Water-Lines Solutions, we plant and fully establish coir rolls and pallets in our Wetland Nursery which holds over 10,000 square metres of pre-established stock at any one time. We can also grow to order with any suitable mix of native wetland plants or local provenance seed collection can be organised for planting. Special orders have a lead time of 12-16 weeks in the growing season (March-September).

The benefits of using our pre-established coir rolls/pallets are:

  • Ensuring both adequate root ball size and plant spacing
  • Ensuring the rapid binding of the roots system to the soil making an effective erosion control system
  • Instant vegetation which blends immediately with the local biodiversity
  • Easy handling and transport which enables us to deliver the products whenever and wherever the customer requires them
  • Flexible approach to fill clients’ needs from sourcing local provenance seeds and plants to specific planting mix
  • Competitive prices and follow up service comparable to none

Dry roll options

We keep a small stock of dry coir rolls / pallets (non-established) if you would prefer.

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Coir Rolls project photos

Coir Pallets project photos

Technical documents

Case Studies

The following projects involved Coir Rolls and Coir Pallets

Ferry Meadows

Ferry Meadows

Lake banks had been washed and eroded leaving boulder stones with little vegetation or habitat. Pre-established coir pallets grown in the Water-Lines Nursery were installed with grazing protection.