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Artificial reefs can be added to provide effective fish refuges and spawning grounds.

Such reefs consist of a floating island with an unfilled gabion basket suspended beneath. Different basket mesh sizes can be selected to permit the passage of small creatures, whilst preventing larger predators access.


Refuges for wildlife and aquatic fauna that also provide water purification and aesthetic improvements to water vistas. Ideal for fishery management and water sports venues.


  • Protection of vulnerable plant life.
  • Control of bank erosion by dissipating wave energy and acting as a buffer to wind action.
  • A root matrix that absorbs pollutants, as well as filtering or retaining suspended soils – the beneficial bacteria it hosts can improve the nitrogen cycle.
  • The matrix can also help to reduce incidence of blue-green algal blooms through shade provision and capacity to soak-up nutrients.
  • Suitable for all freshwater aquatic scenarios.
  • Highly robust with UV resistant PP flotation tubing around a rot-proof grid base.
  • Easily installed, readily re-sited and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Ideal for conservation: habitat sanctuaries above and below the waterline to encourage biodiversity and combat cormorant fish predation.


Standard floating island has got 4m²


  • 4 x floating booms with pins & clips (each boom fabricated from 110mm diameter high modulus black copolymer polypropylene tube)
  • Mesh base, 27mm x 27mm aperture, fitted to two opposing booms. Assembly: On-site connection of booms with pins and clips, plus connection of mesh to two side booms

Different sizes and shapes of floating island can be tailored to requirements.

Floating Reed Beds

Reed beds offer an environmentally friendly way to treat water. Natural, biological, physical and chemical processes interact to degrade or remove a wide range of contaminants, making reedbed systems an excellent choice for the conservation-minded.

Such beds can be fitted into existing rivers, canals, lakes, reservoirs or ponds. The root matrix, by removing suspended solids such as planktonic algae and coliform bacteria, improves water quality.

A wide variety of native wetland flora can be used.

The most successful way of establishing floating reed bed is to use our pre-established coir pallets.


Wetland habitat creation, fish breeding and refuge habitats, plus water treatment in reservoirs, sewage lagoons and mains water supplies.


  • Easy to install
  • Suspended solids removal
  • Creation of rich wetland habitat


  • Module size: tailored to requirements
  • Plant mixes: tailored to requirements
  • A range of accessories and anchorages available

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