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Where any potential failure in the primary containment of a petrochemical storage facility would result in the contamination of surrounding soils, it is normal practice to provide an environmentally protective bund. This bund must be capable of withholding the volume of liquid stored in the primary containment, and must also prevent any contamination to the surrounding areas for a minimum period.

Bunds may be created using traditional civil engineering techniques, or by employing a proprietary steel modular bund structure. In either case, the bund will be required to resist the egress of contamination with the inclusion of a Geomembrane. The sealing of all laps, cuts and leading edges of the Geomembrane is paramount to the effectiveness of such a structure.

Acrefield Developments has a wealth of knowledge in this area and can offer a portfolio of varying products to suit individual requirements. The particular requirements for sealing laps, cuts and leading edges will vary depending upon the most appropriate product selected for the scheme.

The combination of these environmentally protective components and installation techniques gives rise to an effective system to contain petrochemical spills.