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Finesse Leisure Partnership – Welwyn and Hatfield Council

Project Objective

To increase habitat for lake fauna, in particular birds and fish. Client wanted to improve water quality.


Floating islands were the ideal vehicle to introduce aquatic flora to these popular recreational lakes. Floating PP frames were connected together to provide rafts to support our pre-established coir pallets. In addition underneath the frames the anti-predator fish refuge measures were installed to help reduce fish predation and aid recruitment.

The islands also incorporated anti-grazing cages over the pallets to protect the plants from larger wildfowl.

Products involved

Model Boating Lake: 2 no. 6m x 14m islands – supplied and installed
Main Sailing Lake: 6 no. 10m x 14m islands – supplied and installed


Enhanced habitat.


Floating island benefits are manifold; enhancing water quality, providing habitat, shading and cooling the water, increasing beneficial insect numbers, controlling algal growth and recruiting fish numbers.


March 2010