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West Berkshire District Council

Project Objective

To stop erosion occurring to an established island in the Discovery Centre’s two hectare lake.

Project Description

Stage 1 of this regeneration programme involved protecting the island’s shingle beach, a potential Ternary, from destructive wave action. A series of floating islands was constructed with a mixture of aquatic vegetation. Because of the lakes high duck density,protection was offered in the form of bird deterrants.

Stage 2 is now underway to eradicate the algal bloom problem altogether and preserve the lake’s resident population of carp.

Products involved

Floating islands – a single 8m x 4m metres and two 3.5m x 3.5m hexagonal islands.


Island erosion stalled and algal problem significantly reduced.


A superior solution with dual benefits – erosion control plus improved water quality.

Project Summary

Products Used

  • Erosion Control
  • Habitat Creation

Project Features

  • Lakes
  • Floating Islands

Project Nature

  • Turnkey
  • Medium
  • Problem Solution, Completed in 2006.

Another Water-Lines Solution