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British Waterways and the Environment Agency (Fisheries).

Project Objective

To improve fish habitat and introduce attractive breaks in sight lines.

Project Description

Designed to break sight lines and improve fish habitat a series of floating islands were moored along the Lee Valley. The diverse mix of aquatics on these islands created an attractive environment for birds, amphibians, insects and, with the addition of fish protection grilles slung beneath, for small fish among their roots too.

The floating cages are light and easy to manoeuvre, yet are sufficiently robust as to minimise damage arising from any collisions with passing craft. Installation is easy, disruption minimised and the system sufficiently flexible to adapt to every situation.

Products involved

Floating islands (3mx1.5m), with small fish protection barriers.


Landscape enhanced and habitat improved.


A high-quality solution with triple benefits – improved visual landscape, better water quality, plus habitat creation; a proven technique delivered by experts.

Project Summary

Products Used

  • Habitat Creation

Project Features

  • Floating Islands
  • Watercourses

Project Nature

  • Turnkey
  • Small
  • Problem solution – completed 2006

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